Check to see if your car's airbag was recalled. There are several great resources to find out this information. When in doubt, go to your dealer or mechanic and have your airbag replaced. The car manufacturers cannot adequately inspect the internal components of the airbags based on their design. Jason Turchin invented an inspectable airbag. Have your dealers check out Inspectable Airbag Systems and see if you can get an inspectable airbag to allow your mechanic to periodically check to see if your airbag is in good working order.

Safercar.gov - Check your VIN through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Check your VIN

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We still caution all vehicle owners and drivers. The vehicles listed may not include all affected vehicles. Moreover, Takata has expanded the recall many times. We have also handled claims for airbag injury victims whose vehicles were not on any recall list.

When in doubt, swap it out. ~Jason Turchin, Esq.

The current airbags were never designed to be inspected prior to a crash. While few visible components could be examined, the internal components are not visible. Even taking your vehicle into a mechanic for inspection may not protect you based on this alleged design defect.  If you believe your airbag may be defective, swap it out for another airbag.

Make sure if you do have your airbag replaced, that it is replaced with a new airbag and not a used one. Many mechanics and body shops could order replacement airbags from junk yards or unauthorized distributors. Airbags may break down over time and you do not want to replace a bad airbag with a bad airbag.

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