May 2015 - Jason Turchin Interviewed by Bloomberg News on Takata Airbag Recall Updates. 

Bloomberg News contacted Jason Turchin to discuss defective airbags and replacement airbags. There is increasing concern that Takata and the vehicle manufacturers are replacing airbags with potentially bad airbags. There is little oversight into the replacement process.  

May 2015 - NBC - South Florida Victim of Exploding Airbag Reacts to Massive Recall

Jason Turchin and one of his clients were interviewed by NBC for this story on the announcement of an expanded recall to nearly 34 million vehicles throughout the world. 

May 2015 - CBS Evening News Interviewed Jason Turchin on the Takata Recall Update
Takata announced an updated recall of nearly 34 million vehicles. CBS Evening News contacted Jason Turchin to discuss the latest recall.  


May 2015 -  CBS - Another South Florida Man Files Lawsuit Against Maker of Airbag and Honda for Injuries

After the firm's client, Jerry Adler, found out that his airbag was recalled years after a car accident caused his airbags to fracture bones in his hand, he filed a lawsuit against Honda and Takata.  

May 2015 - Radio Carocol Reports on Latest Takata Airbag Recall of 34 Million Vehicles
Jason Turchin was interviewed by Radio Carocol to discuss the updated recall of nearly 34 million vehicles, making this new recall one of the largest product recalls in United States history. 

April 2015 - WPTV NBC West Palm Beach - Honda and Takata Face Another South Florida Lawsuit

Jason Turchin filed another lawsuit against Takata and Honda after his client's injured by an allegedly overly aggressive airbag deployment.

April 2015 - Car Complaints - Exploding Takata Airbags Causing Injuries to Honda Drivers 
This article discusses one of our cases where a Honda driver was injured after a piece of metal lodged in his neck, nearly killing him.  

April 2015 - Industry Week/French Press - Takata Airbags Now Linked to 105 Injuries and 6 Deaths
One of our cases was mentioned by US Senator Bill Nelson in this story about the increasing number of reported injuries and accidental death cases against Takata.

April 2015 - Reuters - Honda Confirms Another Airbag Injury Case in Miami Involving Honda Civic
Honda confirmed that one of our clients was injured by shrapnel from his 2003 Honda Civic's airbag in March 2015. The metal shot out from his steering wheel airbag system and lodged in his neck. He was airlifted to the hospital for emergency surgery.  

April 2015 - Japan National TV - Jason Turchin's Client Interviewed By Japan National Television
One of Jason Turchin's clients was interviewed by Japan National Television on a story documenting victims of Takata airbag injuries.  This victim sustained severe burns from the airbag which left her with permanent scars and discoloration. 

April 2015 - Reuters - Takata Airbag Linked To Another Honda Civic Airbag Injury
Reuters reported on another one of our cases where a young man was injured after his airbag exploded in a 2003 Honda Civic and sent pieces of metal into his neck. He required emergency surgery to remove the piece of metal. 

March 2015 - Airbag Attorney Jason Turchin Files Patent for Inspectable Airbag System
Jason Turchin filed a patent application for an inspectable airbag system to allow airbags to be inspected. Routine inspections of the internal components of the airbags would allow a skilled mechanic to look for signs of rust, corrosion or other material changes to the airbag and allow the airbag to be replaced in a pre-accident need. 

February 2015 - CBS Miami - Recalled Airbag Nearly Takes Woman's Ear Off in Florida
After Sara Baker was allegedly injured by a defective airbag, she retained airbag lawyer Jason Turchin to help with her case. CBS did a story on her disfiguring injuries.  

February 2015 - Japan Times - Takata to Save Faulty Airbag Inflators for Litigation
Airbag Attorney Jason Turchin was interviewed for this story on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Order for Takata to preserve airbag inflators.

February 2015 - Reuters - Takata Must Save Faulty Airbags for US Litigation
After Takata was ordered by a US agency to save their inflators for litigation, Jason Turchin was interviewed for this airbag update story by Reuters. 

January 2015 - GoDrive Magazine - Safety Hazard: The Takata Airbag Recall
Jason Turchin was interviewed for this magazine article on the Takata airbag recall. He discusses how the airbag defect could have occurred and the importance of getting your car fixed if your car's airbag was recalled.  

January 2015 - Japan National Television (NHK) - Takata Multidistrict Litigation Update (TV Interview)

Jason Turchin was interviewed following a hearing on the Takata multi district litigation to update the Japanese public on the latest developments in the airbag litigation.

December 2014 - Bloomberg News - Takata Airbag Patents and Intellectual Property
As a follow up to another story, Jason Turchin disclosed his discovery of how Takata discussed what they knew about the airbag defects in patents dating back nearly two decades. 

December 2014 - CBS Miami - Another Airbag Injury Victim Branded By Mercedes Emblem After Airbag Deploys

Jason Turchin and another airbag injury client were interviewed after this victim's arm was literally branded with the Mercedes emblem after his airbag deployed with significant force.

December 2014 - New York Times - Airbag Compound Has Vexed Takata For Years
After Jason Turchin discovered the airbag patents, he shared his article with the New York Times. NYT Reporters dove into the patents and confirmed that Takata struggled for years trying to stabilize their airbags, through many proposed changes to the airbag components.  

December 2014 - Bloomberg News - Airbag Patents Show Decades Spent Seeking Safer Air Bags
Bloomberg News reported on Jason Turchin's extensive research into the Takata patents. Jason published an article on the Takata patents as a roadmap to discovery and learning more about the changes Takata made to their airbag system over the past 15 years.

November 2014 - CBS Miami - Airbag Company May Have Known Of Danger Decades Earlier
Jason Turchin was interviewed for this story updating the public on the dangers of exploding airbags, and how the company behind the airbag manufacturing may have known about the danger for at least a decade before we helped bring this issue to light. 

November 2014 - The Expert Institute - What Is Causing Airbags to Explode?

Jason was interviewed for a story by The Expert Institute to help figure out the cause of the airbag defect and to discuss the latest airbag recall updates.

November 2014 - Car Complaints - Takata Airbag Injuries and Death Claims
Carcomplaints reported on the increasing number of reported injury and death claims caused by defective airbags. 

November 2014 - CBS Miami - Exclusive Interview With Takata Airbag Victim
One of our clients was interviewed by CBS to warn the public of the dangers of shrapnel from exploding airbags. Jason Turchin warned that this could be a world wide epidemic if it turns out the airbag defects were not just limited to high humidity states. 

November 2014 - Oregonian - Confidential Settlements Limit Disclosure To Other Victims
Jason Turchin was quoted in this story discussing how Takata may have entered into confidential settlements in prior injury claims in part to keep details of the defect hidden from other victims. 

November 2014 - Bloomberg News - Airbag Settlements Keep Details From Other Victims
After our law firm discovered that other airbag settlements may have been made for years prior to the Takata class action filing, we discussed with Bloomberg how confidential settlements may keep factual details from other victims. In cases of mass torts or product liability, settlements can prevent the public fro ever finding out about trending dangers. 

October 2014 - CBS Miami - Millions of Drivers Affected by Defective Air Bag Warning
Jason Turchin was interviewed for this TV story on the potential dangers of the airbags and how widespread the defect could be. 

October 2014 - WCTV - NHTSA Warns Car Owners to Get Airbags Fixed
One of our firm's cases was discussed in this article warning car owners to get their airbags fixed if they have been recalled.  

October 2014 - CNN - Jason was interviewed by CNN to update their reporting team on the Takata airbag defect claims.

October 2014 - NBC Miami - South Florida Woman is Victim of Airbag Problems that led to Recall
After Jason Turchin filed a lawsuit on behalf of Claribel Nunez, she was interviewed for this story warning the public of the dangers of these defective airbags.

October 2014 - WSVN - South Florida Victim Files Lawsuit Against Takata and Honda

Jason and his client were interviewed after filing a lawsuit against Takata and Honda alleging she was injured by shrapnel from a defective airbag.

October 2014 - Telemundo - Jason Turchin and one of his airbag clients were interviewed on Spanish television and discussed the dangers of these exploding airbags.

October 2014 - Daily Herald - Lawsuit Claims Airbag Maker Knew Of Defect Since 2001
Shortly after we filed the lawsuit in Claribel Nunez versus Takata and Honda, our colleagues filed a class action against the automakers. Our case was mentioned in this article.  

October 2014 - CBS This Morning - Jason Turchin's CBS interviewed aired to report on the latest scrutiny over the exploding Tataka airbags.

As noted in the story, our law firm settled another Takata airbag shrapnel case involving a vehicle that was never recalled.

October 2014 - Jakarta Globe - Takata Carmakers Face US Lawsuit Over Air Bag Recalls
After our office filed a lawsuit against Honda and Takata, a slew of class actions followed to help make our cars safer and prove there was a defect in the airbags.  

October 2014 - CBS Evening News - More Scrutiny For Japanese Maker of Defective Airbags
This report featuring airbag lawyer Jason Turchin helped launch the nationwide lawsuits against Takata and Honda, and helped get the attention of lawmakers. Jason Turchin was interviewed by CBS News and the report gained national attention with Jeff Glor's report. 

Jason Turchin is often consulted by the media on various legal matters for on air commentary, print quotes, and background investigative research. He has handled more than 5,500 injury and accident cases, including many airbag injury claims and other high profile cases. As an airbag recall legal media consultant, Jason has helped several media outlets put stories together to keep the public informed on the latest airbag defect claim updates. Jason was one of the first airbag claim attorneys to file a lawsuit against Takata and Honda and has settled several airbag injury claims already. Here is a sample of airbag news stories featuring Jason Turchin or his clients.

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